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I'd like to welcome everyone to Golf Picks dot Net. The men have teed it up for the 2015 season and it is going to be another great golf season. I've been profitable with my golf picks in 8 of the last 9 years, and look to bounce back after my first losing season in a long time last year. More information about how my golf picks will work for 2015 is posted below...

Very Important: In 2015 I am offering a yearly membership, which will give everyone an even more affordable option. You can sign up to get ALL of my 2015 golf picks at For most tournaments I will be posting one free picks here at the blog, but the majority of my picks will be sent only to those signed up for a membership. I can't wait to help you win some money!

Example of how exciting golf betting can be (see picture below):

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2015 Results: Click here to view the spreadsheet with picks and winners

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2015 Humana Challenge Expert Picks

I would like to welcome everyone to the 2015 edition of the Humana Challenge. Last week we made it a perfect 2 for 2 to start the 2015 season with Jimmy Walker’s run away win. He was spectacular all week and allowed us to breathe easy on Sunday winning by a ridiculous 9 shots. This […]

2015 Sony Open Expert Picks

I would like to welcome everyone to the 2014 edition of the Sony Open. The best golfers in the world will once again being teeing it up in Hawaii, a place that combines work and play. Players treat the beginning of the year as an opportunity to bring their families to one of the most […]


I am an avid golfer and have followed the PGA since I can remember. Using this previous knowledge along with weekly research I found myself predicting winners of the golf tournaments. My goal here is to pass on my knowledge to others and work together so we all profit over the course of a season. The picks that will help us accomplish this will be Outright Winners (picked at the beginning of the tournament) as well as head to head golfer matchups.

Below I will explain how I will make my weekly golf picks:

Predicting winners from the beginning of a tournament can pay off anywhere from 3 to 1 (Tiger Woods) to 200 to 1 (Louis Oosthuizen). Our goal is to hit the players in between.

Each week I will break down the tournament with everything from the location, style of golf course, as well as players who have previously played well at that particular venue. Golf is all about knowledge of the course and comfort level. All of us golfers know that when you're in the zone it's usually when you're comfortable with the layout of the course and your swing.

Utilizing this information I will offer a six pack of golfers for whom I think will win the tournament that particular week. I will explain my selections for each of the six golfers so you can understand the logic behind the golf pick.

We will be placing 1 unit on any picks on outright winners (we usually pick 6 golfers using the 6 pack system, but it can depend on the tournament). For example: We place 1 unit on six different golfers. We picked the winner of the tournament and the odds were 30 to 1 for him to win the event. We picked 6 golfers during the week totalling 6 units. We put 1unit on each golfer so we are + 24 units for the tournament.

Head to Head betting (offered through email) is a way of betting on golf where you pick one golfer to beat another golfer. This is most common in a 72 Hole matchup (the entire tournament) but also can be individual round match ups. This type of golf betting is another way of profiting/winning money that cannot be overlooked.

Head to head betting example: In head to head betting if the odds are -115 we will risk 1 unit to profit 0.87 units. If the odds are +120 we will risk 1 unit to profit 1.2 units. We choose Tiger Woods (+115) over Rory McIlroy in a head to head match up. Tiger Woods finishes with a better score, and therefore we profit +1.15 units (we risked 1 unit to win 1.15 units).

I display my record and my +/- units at the top of this page so you know how I am doing over the course of this PGA season.

Feel free to find out more about me on my About Me page. Also don't be afraid to email me (contact info at bottom of page).

Past Yearly Results of Picks:
2014: Outright -158.88 units, Head to Head +15.29
2013: Outright +103.10 units, Head to Head +8.65
2012: Outright +159.53 units, Head to Head +7.70
2011: Outright +58 units, Head to head +11.20
2010: Outright +22 units, Head to head +13.30
2009: Outright +132 units, Head to head +19.50
2008: Outright +46 units, Head to head +12
2007: Outright +77 units, Head to head +22.70
2006: Outright +46 units, Head to head +3.90

For those of you just getting into the world of golf betting you've found an excellent resource.