About Me

My name is Steve and I am the Golf Banker. Since I was young, I’ve spent as much time on the golf course as the weather will allow me to. As my mind is still fixated on golf over the winter, plenty of putts are hit in the basement and tournaments watched on the television.

As I began to bet on various sports (mainly hockey and football) I figured I would try my luck at the sport I know the best, golf. To mine and many of my friends surprise, I began hitting winners on a regular basis.

Utilizing my methods for breaking down a tournament, I have been finding regular success. Until recently I have kept my selections just to close friends of mine.

I put a lot of time and research into the site to hopefully make it the best resource for Golf Picks on the internet. My goal is to share my information and knowledge with others to help us all enjoy that final winning putt.

Good luck with all your betting and feel free to email me if you have any questions at stevegolfpicks(at)gmail.com