Golf Betting Strategy

I have been betting on sports for many years now and making a profit. I have discussed strategies with fellow sports bettors, read articles/books and have now formulated a system that works. Below I will share with you a strategy to not only employ on our golf betting but one for any sport.

#1- Golf Betting Strategy – Manage Your Money

A winning PGA bettor is someone who can last through a dry spell (which do happen) and over the long run sustain a profit. There will be times you feel on top of the world after hitting a long shot golfer but try to bring yourself back down to earth. (Though some celebration is in order!)

When making your selections you must allocate a proper amount of your bankroll to each tournament. For people who do not know, your bank roll is the amount of money you have to bet with.

Each tournament should utilize between 4 to 8 percent of your bank roll. I obviously use less on smaller tournaments where the field has many unknown players and more of my bank roll on the larger tournaments. Many people just log into their accounts and bet random amounts each week. Though this might work the odd time, for sustained profit it is not the way to go.

Golf betting includes fields of over 100 players so there is no way you are going to pick the correct golfer every week. For this reason you must manage your money properly. Then when you do pick a winner or two you are up plenty of units and can afford to miss a few weeks, while still being up overall.

We all know that anything can happen in sports, and the last thing you want is half of your bankroll drained from one pick. Stick to a strict PGA bankroll management system for your bets and you will increase your chances of becoming a profitable PGA bettor!

#2 – Golf Betting Strategy – Enjoy the Six Pack

No, this is not talking about the beers beside you while watching the Masters. Each week I release a six pack of players. This is a crucial number in my opinion for sustaining profitable betting when it comes to golf.

By analyzing how players play on certain courses I can usually cut the field down by 30%. Certain players are birdie machines and like courses where the score ends up -25 to win. Others play well on courses with very difficult greens and rough. Some courses are better for long hitters while others are more suited for accurate players.

Now we essentially have about 70% of the field competing. Now I take into account how players have played lately as well as their previous record on the course. From this I formulate about 10-12 players I feel have the best chance of winning that week. Then comes the tricky part.

Taking these 12 golfers down to 6 golfers is crucial for two reasons. Firstly we do not want to be picking 12 golfers and not have one of them winning the tournament. On the other hand we want one of our 6 golfers to win because then our money is more concentrated, resulting in a greater profit.

I usually formulate my six-pack (from the 10-12) based mainly on how they have been playing as of late. When golfers get ‘in the zone’ they seem to always be around the top of the leader board.

#3 Golf Betting Strategy = Shop For The Best Lines

This is pretty simple. Each sportsbook puts out a line on what they feel the odds should be. Lines move when a golfer withdraws (example – tiger woods withdraws, everyone’s odds move).

Lines can also move when a sports book gets heavy bets coming in on a particular golfer. They do this to minimize their losses if he does end up winning.

In order to assure you the best lines I would strongly suggest having at least two different sportsbooks in use. Before placing each bet check your other sportsbooks to make sure the odds are the same. The difference between hitting a 35/1 golfer that is also 40/1 or even 45/1 can be extremely significant.

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