Although I believe I have covered everything to do with golf betting and golf picks, I have decided to create a resource type page where I will link out to any other great golf sites or betting related sites.  Please bookmark my homepage and then you can take a look at these other great websites (they will open in a new window when you click on them). Enjoy!

PGA Tour – The official PGA Tour website is a place I find myself visiting quite often.  You will find the full PGA golf tournament schedule here, plus lots of interesting news articles from the golfing world.  Definitely a site that should be bookmarked for any golf fan!

ESPN Golf – What better place to get your golf news than ESPN?  You will always find interesting and up to date golf news posted at ESPN, and I find myself checking the site at least once a day.

Belmont Stakes Bet – One of the most exciting types of betting is horse racing betting.  This site will lead you to the best online racebooks where you can place bets on the Belmont Stakes and other popular horse races.  It’s a small site, but a must visit for horse racing gambling fans.

NBA Betting – A cool site which will give you predictions for NBA betting in their blog.  They are a great all around NBA betting resource, with information on basketball betting sites, different types of betting in the NBA explained, and NBA betting tips.  My favorite thing about this NBA site is that they explain their reasoning around their picks.

Betting Blog – Ryan runs a very cool betting blog where he makes his personal predictions on all different kinds of sports.  If you are a general sports fan or just like throwing some wagers down on a wide range of sports this is one site you will want to take a look at.  He gives full explanations behind his picks as well.

NBA Betting Online – Another NBA site, but this one is run by a guy named Ryan.  This website will show you how and where you can bet on NBA basketball games online (which includes some cool bonuses), and he also does predictions on the night’s NBA games from time to time.  Worth a look if you’re a basketball fan.

Online Tennis Betting – Fancy betting on tennis?  Niko has a great site geared directly to betting on tennis through online sports betting sites or sportsbooks.  He has listed the best sites to lay your tennis wagers at, and even has news and predictions for tennis bettors looking for some advice from an experienced tennis bettor.